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Fire Emergency and Security Systems (FESS)

Experienced Worker Assessment

This assessment is assured by BPEC and is supported by industry and recognised by the Electrotechnical Certification Scheme.

The skills and knowledge to succeed

Fire or Security Systems Pathways


This assessment is a comprehensive evaluation designed for candidates to demonstrate their occupational competence in the fire, emergency, and security systems industry, either full technician or one or more of the limited scope specialist technician categories.

  • Full Technician – Full scope or
  • Installation Test and Commissioning Technician – Limited scope
  • Installation Technician – Limited scope
  • Test and Commissioning Technician – Limited scope
  • Service and Repair Technician – Limited scope

The candidate will be assessed against the requirements of the route they wish to take. For full details follow this link to the BPEC website

Apprenticeship entry requirements



£1200 payable in two stages, £600 before pre-assessment stage and £600 before the assessment day.


Pre-assessment stage to include:

  • Candidate portfolio and support to complete.
  • Candidate portfolio assessment and verification, needed to book the EWR assessment day.
  • Mock theory tests.
  • Practice for the Professional Interview.
  • Support on the system/s that will be used on the practical assessment.
  • Safe isolation process support.
  • Review meetings to assess readiness.

All the above will take place online.

Apprenticeship entry requirements

Assessment day to include:

  • Held at our London or Derby Academy premises.
  • Certification.

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